4.3. NPS Command/Menu Conventions
When invoking NPS commands and selecting items from configuration menus, note the
·All NPS commands can be invoked at the NPS> command prompt, or from the General
Parameters Menu, Port Parameters Menus or Network Parameters Menu.
·NPS commands are not case sensitive. All NPS commands are invoked by pressing
·To select an item from an NPS menu, key in the number for the item and press [Enter].To
exit from a menu, press [Esc] at any time. Parameters defined up to that point will be
·To display the Help Screen, type /H [Enter].
·The ",Y" option can be used to temporarily suppress the "Sure?" confirmation prompt.
The ",Y" option is entered at the end of the command line, immediately following the
command or argument. For example, to reset the network port without displaying the
"Sure?" prompt, type /T,Y [Enter], or to switch off Plug 2 without displaying the "Sure"
prompt, type /OFF 2,Y [Enter].
4.4. Defining General Parameters
When the "NPS>" prompt appears, type /G [Enter] to display the General Parameters menu
(Figure 5). Note that this menu is not available in User Mode. The General Parameters menu
offers the following options:
1. System Password: (Up to 16 characters, case-sensitive) When the System Password is
defined, the NPS will display a prompt before allowing access to command mode. If the
System Password is entered, the NPS will start-up in System Mode. To define the System
Password, type 1and press [Enter]. (Default = undefined).
Note: If the System Password is not defined, the password prompt will not be
displayed, and the NPS will always start-up in System Mode.
2. Site ID: Defines a text string (up to 32 characters) that denotes the installation site. To
define the Site ID, type 2and press [Enter]. (Default = undefined).
3. Modem Initialization String: To define the Modem Initialization String (up to 32
characters), type 3and press [Enter]. For more information on the initialization string,
please refer to the user's guide for your external modem. Make certain that the modem is
set to auto-answer in one ring. (Default = ATE0M0Q1&C1&D2S0=1).
4. Modem Disconnect String: To define the Disconnect String (up to 32 characters), type
4press [Enter], and follow the instructions in the submenu. For more information,
please refer to the user's guide for your external modem. (Default = undefined).
NPS Series - Network Power Switches, User's Guide Start-Up / Configuration
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