3.4. Control Port Connection
The RS232 Control Port is a male, DB9 connector, used for connection to a PC or external
modem. The Control Port employs a DTE configuration, similar to an AT computer.
WTI offers a complete selection of Snap Adapters to simplify connection to your PC or
modem. Please refer to Section 4.1.2 for more information on RJ11 modular adapters.
3.4.1. Connecting to a Modem
When connecting the Control Port to an external modem, use a standard AT to modem cable.
Make certain the modem is initialized at the same baud rate as the RPS-10. The modem must
be placed in Auto-Answer mode, and set to answer in one ring. Please refer to the user’s guide
for your external modem in order to determine the appropriate AT command string.
3.5. Power Connection
1. Plug the Switched Device into the Switched Outlet.
RPS-10: Total load for each module cannot exceed 10 Amps.
RPS-10 HD: Total load for each module cannot exceed 15 Amps.
RPS-10 EC: Total load for each module cannot exceed 5 Amps.
2. Connect the power cord from each RPS-10 Module to your AC power supply.
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RPS-10 Series Remote Power Switches, User's Guide Installation
Figure 5: RS232 Interface Schematic
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