3.3. Linking Modules
Connect straight wired RJ11 cables between the Link Ports to link the RPS-10 Master Module
and Satellite Modules as shown in Figure 4 below.
Use straight wired RJ11 cable to link RPS-10 Modules. Do not use cross-wired
telephone cable.
The total length of cabling between the first module in the link and the last
module in the link cannot exceed 2,000 feet.
Each RPS-10 Module includes two interchangeable link ports. Either port can be
used for connection to the next module or previous module.
The installation can include a mixture of different RPS-10 Models. For example,
an RPS-10 Master Module could be linked to six RPS-10 Standard Satellite
Modules and three RPS-10 HD Heavy Duty Satellite Module.
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RPS-10 Series Remote Power Switches, User's Guide Installation
Figure 4: RPS-10 Cable Layout
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