3.2. Set-Up Switches
Prior to connecting AC power to the RPS-10 Modules, configure the Set-Up Switches on each
module according to the requirements of your application.
Switch Function Up Down
1 Data Rate 2400 bps 9600 bps
2 Toggle Delay 10 Sec. 5 Sec.
3 Power-Up Default On Last
4 Spare
Switch 1, Data Rate: Sets the communication speed (baud rate) between the RPS-10M Master
Module and ASCII control device, as well as the communication speed between the Master
Module and each Satellite Module.
Note: The communication speed setting for each Satellite Module must match the
Master Module.
Switch 2, Toggle Delay: Determines the length of time power will remain OFF when a Toggle
sequence is initiated.
Switch 3, Power-Up Default: Determines how each switched outlet will react after an
interruption in AC power.
·When Switch 3 is placed in the Up position, the Switched Outlet will always return to the
ON state when power is restored to the module.
·When Switch 3 is placed in the Down position, the Switched Outlet (or Terminal Block)
will return to the state that it was in prior to the power interruption. For example, if the
Outlet was OFF prior to the power interruption, the Outlet will return to the OFF position
after power is restored.
Switch 4: Spare.
Note: It is not necessary to power the module OFF in order for the new settings to
take effect.
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RPS-10 Series Remote Power Switches, User's Guide Installation
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