3. Installation
The installation procedure consists of the steps listed below. For more information, please
refer to the section(s) indicated.
1. Set the Address for each module (Section 3.1).
2. Configure the Set-Up Switches (Section 3.2).
3. Use RJ11 Cables to link RPS-10 Modules (Section 3.3).
Caution: Do not connect the Link Ports to a telephone circuit.
4. Connect your modem or local PC to the control port on the back panel of the RPS-10M
Master Module (Section 3.4).
5. Connect your Switched Device to an RPS-10 Module's Switched Outlet (or Terminal
Block). Connect each Module to your AC power supply (Section 3.5).
6. Test the RPS-10 as described in Section 3.6.
3.1. Setting the Address
The rotary dial on the back panel selects the address for each module. Make certain the
module is powered OFF (power cable unplugged), then turn the dial to select the desired
The address for the Master Module must always be set to "0" (zero). The address
for each Satellite Module should be set from 1 to 9.
Each module in the link must be assigned its own unique address. Do not assign
duplicate addresses.
It is not necessary to set each Satellite Module address in consecutive numerical
order. Module addresses can be set in any order.
To change an address after the RPS-10 has been installed, unplug the module from
the AC power supply, then turn the rotary dial to select the new address. Note
that the address setting should only be changed while power is Off; the RPS-10
will read the new address when power is restored.
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