2.2.2. RPS-10 EC Back Panel
2.3. Back Panel Components
ÀSwitched Outlet: (RPS-10, RPS-10 HD, and RPS-10 EC) For connection to your AC
powered device (see Appendix A for power specifications).
ÁRS232 Control Port (Master Module Only): A DB9 connector used to connect the
RPS-10M Master Module to your modem or local control device.
ÂSetUp Switches: A bank of 4 switches used to set baud rate, toggle delay, and power up
default (see Section 3.2).
ÃAddress Selection Switch: A rotary dial switch, used to select the address for each
ÄLink Ports: Two RJ11 jacks used for connection between modules. Switching
commands and status reports are sent via the Link Ports.
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RPS-10 Series Remote Power Switches, User's Guide Unit Description
Figure 3: RPS-10 EC Back Panel
1. Switched AC Outlet (IEC)
2. RS232 Control Port (Master Module Only)
3. SetUp Switches
4. Rotary Address Switch
5. RJ11 Link Ports
6. 5 Amp Circuit Breaker
7. IEC Input
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