2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel
ÀAC ON: Lights when power to the Switched Outlet is ON.
ÁLINK: Flashes when command data is received.
ÂRDY: Lights when AC Power is applied and the module is ready to receive commands.
Does not indicate the ON/OFF condition of the Switched Outlet.
2.2. Back Panel
The back panel for each RPS-10 model differs slightly as shown in Figures 2 and 3. Individual
back panel components are described in detail in Section 2.3.
2.2.1. RPS-10 and RPS-10 HD Back Panel
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Figure 2: RPS-10 and RPS-10 HD Back Panel
1. Switched AC Outlet
2. RS232 Control Port (Master Module Only)
3. SetUp Switches
4. Rotary Address Switch
5. RJ11 Link Ports
6. Circuit Breaker
(RPS-10 = 10 Amps,
RPS-10 HD = 15 Amps)
7. Power Cable
Figure 1: Front Panel
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