1. Introduction
Network equipment sometimes "locks-up", making it impossible to communicate. In the past,
this situation required a trip to the installation site, simply to flip the power switch off and then
back on again. When a distant installation site makes this trip costly or time consuming, the
RPS-10 can do it for you! The RPS-10 allows you to remotely switch devices using simple
ASCII commands sent via modem or cable.
A convenient, modular design allows the RPS-10 to expand to provide control of up to 10
modules located throughout your facility. Each addressable module can be switched On, Off or
toggled. Three different models are available to allow the RPS-10 to fit the requirements of a
variety of applications:
·RPS-10 Standard Unit: Remotely switch AC power On or Off, or initiate a toggle
sequence with a user defined delay period.
·RPS-10 HD Heavy Duty Unit: Features heavy duty, solid state construction for
applications that require high volume, repetitive switching of AC powered devices.
·RPS-10 EC 220/230 VAC Unit: Features European style IEC connectors for operation
using 220/230 VAC, 50 Hz power.
This User’s Guide covers all three RPS-10 models. Throughout this publication, all three
models are referred to as the "RPS-10".
·Remote Network Management
·Re-Boot Data Communications Equipment
·Take Equipment Out-of-Service
·PC Control of AC Power - Switch Any AC Powered Device On or Off, Using ASCII
Commands Sent Via Modem
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