4.1.2. Snap Adapters
WTI offers a complete selection of snap adapters and cables designed to simplify connection
between the RPS-10M Master Module and your Modem or PC. These snap adapters and cables
are described in the table below and in Figure 7.
Part No. Description
SA-28F DB9 to RJ11 Adapter
AC-LL Straight Wired RJ11 Cable
(LL = Length, 10 to 150 ft.)
SA-12F RJ11 to 25 Pin PC (DTE) Adapter
SA-9F RJ11 to 9 Pin PC (DTE) Adapter
SA-30M RJ11 to 25 Pin Modem (DCE) Adapter
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RPS-10 Series Remote Power Switches, User's Guide Operation
Figure 7: Optional Snap Adapters
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