4.1. Optional Accessories
4.1.1. Three Module Rack
WTI offers an optional three module rack, which fits most standard instrument racks. To
assemble the rack, refer to Figure 6 and proceed as follows:
1. Remove rubber feet from bottom of each module.
2. Attach right bracket (4) to rack tray (6) using two black, Phillips head screws (3)
supplied. Repeat step for left bracket (7).
3. Place three modules (1) in rack tray (6). Make certain LEDs are visible through cutouts
in front of tray.
4. Use two silver, slot head screws (5) to attach each module to rack tray (6).
5. Link modules using two RJ11 cables (2) supplied.
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RPS-10 Series Remote Power Switches, User's Guide Operation
Figure 6: Three Module Tray
1. RPS-10 Modules
2. RJ11 Link Cables (2 ea.)
3. Phillips Head Screws (2 ea.)
4. Right Rack Bracket
5. Slot Head Screws (6 ea.)
6. Rack Mount Tray
7. Left Rack Bracket
8. Phillips Head Screws (2 ea.)
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