2. Unit Description
As shown in Figure 2.1, the IPS-4 back panel includes connectors, LEDs
and manual controls as described below:
Figure 2.1: IPS-4 Back Panel
Network Port: An RJ45 Ethernet Port for connection to your TCP/
IP network. The default IP Address is, for more
information, please refer to Section 5.3.4.
Activity Indicator: Flashes to indicate activity at the Network Port.
Ready Indicator: Flashes when the IPS is ready to receive
Console / RS232 Port: A DB9, RS232 serial port (DTE), for
connection to a local terminal or external modem, as described in
Section 4.3.
Default Button: This button is used to either reset the unit to default
parameters or manually toggle all plugs On or Off:
Default Parameters: With the Master I/O Switch (Power Switch)
set in the Off position, press and hold the Default Button, then set
the Master I/O Switch in the On position and release the Default
Button. All menu defined parameters will be cleared.
Manual Plug Toggle: Press the Default Button and hold it down
for three seconds. All four IPS power outlets will be toggled On or
Note: If desired, the Default Button’s manual plug control
capabilities can also be disabled as described in Section 5.3.1.
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