1. Introduction
Electronic equipment sometimes “locks-up,” requiring a service call just to
flip the power switch to perform a simple reboot. The IPS-4 Internet Power
Switch gives you the ability to perform this function from anywhere, just
point your browser to the IPS’s IP address, enter the secure password, and
you’re just a click away from remote power On, Off or Reboot!
Intelligent Power Control
In addition to web browser access, the IPS-4 can also communicate over
any TCP/IP network using standard Telnet, or out-of-band using an external
modem and basic VT100 type terminal emulation.
Security Features and Co-Location Features
To ensure security, web browser access requires the user to enter an
assigned user name and password. This password uses basic 64 bit
encryption techniques to assure secure access to your equipment.
The IPS provides two levels of operational passwords; the System
Administrator Level, which allows access to all configuration and switching
functions, and the User Level, which only allows access to assigned plugs
and cannot be used to change unit configuration.
In addition to password security features, the IPS also includes an address
specific IP security mask, which can be employed to prevent unauthorized
network access to the IPS command mode.
Easy to Configure, Easy to Use
The IPS can be configured over the network, via modem, or locally via the
IPS console port. Easy to use commands let you assign a location name, set
system parameters and view plug status. Outlets can be switched On, Off,
or booted using plug numbers or names.
Reliability and Support
The IPS is built in the USA and backed by a two year warranty. NetReach
products are installed in thousands of network sites world wide. Our
customers know they can depend on WTI for superior quality and reliability
for their most mission-critical operations.
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