6.2. Operation via the Text Interface
When using the Text Interface, all switching functions are performed by
invoking simple, ASCII commands. ASCII commands are also used to
display status screens and to log out of command mode. The Text Interface
includes a Help Menu, which summarizes all available IPS commands. To
display the Text Interface Help Menu (Figure 6.3), type /H and
press [Enter].
6.2.1. The Plug Status Screen - Text Interface
When you login to the IPS command mode using the Text Interface, the
first screen that is displayed after login is the Plug Status Screen. The Plug
Status Screen (Figure 6.2) lists the current status of the IPS’s Switched AC
Outlets and displays the firmware version and currently defined Site I.D.
Normally, the Plug Status Screen will also be redisplayed each time a
command is successfully executed. Note however, that if desired, the
Automated Mode (See Section 6.4) can be enabled to suppress the display
of the Plug Status Screen after each command.
Internet Power Switch v1.10 Site ID: (undefined)
Plug | Name | Password | Status | Boot/Seq. Delay |
1 | (undefined) | (undefined) | ON | 1 Sec |
2 | (undefined) | (undefined) | ON | 1 Sec |
3 | (undefined) | (undefined) | ON | 1 Sec |
4 | (undefined) | (undefined) | ON | 1 Sec |
“/H” for help.
Figure 6.2: Plug Status Screen - Text Interface
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