6. Operation
As discussed in Section 5, the IPS offers two separate command
interfaces; the Web Browser Interface and the Text Interface. Note that
Both interfaces offer essentially the same command options and features,
and that parameters defined via the Web Interface will also apply when
communicating via the Text Interface (and vice versa.)
6.1. Operation via the Web Browser Interface
When using the Web Browser Interface, all switching commands are
invoked via the Plug Status Screen, which also displays the status of the
IPS’s four switched outlets.
6.1.1. The Plug Status Screen - Web Browser Interface
When you logon to the IPS command mode, using the Web Browser
Interface, the first screen that is displayed after login is the Plug Status
Screen (or "Switch Panel".) The Plug Status Screen (Figure 6.1) lists the
current On/Off status of the IPS’s Switched Outlets and provides a series of
"radio buttons" which are used to control On/Off/Boot switching of
the outlets.
To invoke On/Off/Boot commands or view plug status via the Web Browser
Interface, proceed as follows:
1. Access the IPS Command Mode as described in Section 5.2.1.
2. When the Plug Status Screen (Figure 6.1) appears, note that the screen
includes a status field and On/Off/Boot controls for each of the IPS’s
four Switched AC Outlets.
When Boot/On/Off operations are initiated, Boot/Sequence
Delay times will be applied as described in Section
Users who login to command mode using a Plug password, will
only be allowed to issue commands to the plugs allowed by
that password.
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