IPS-4 Internet Power Switch; User’s Guide
Note that in this case, the major difference between the Web Browser
Interface and Text Interface is that the Web Interface allows you to select
parameters for all four plugs from a single menu, whereas the Text Interface
includes a separate menu for each plug. The Plug Parameters Menu allows
the following to be defined:
Plug Name: Assigns a name to the plug. (Up to 32 Characters,
Default = undefined.)
Note: The Plug name cannot begin with a number, the underscore
character (_), the slash character (/) or an asterisk (*).
Plug Password: Assigns a password to the plug. When this password
is entered at login, the user will be able to issue commands to this
plug, and any other plug that shares the same password as described
in Section Note that this password does not allow access to
configuration menus. (16 Characters, Default = undefined.)
Note: Passwords cannot contain nonprintable characters, spaces,
colons (:), plus signs (+) or quotation marks.
Boot/Seq. Delay: When more than one plug is switched On/Off or
a reboot cycle is initiated, the Boot/Sequence delay determines how
much time will elapse between switching operations, as described in
Section (Default = 5 Seconds.) Plug Passwords and Co-Location Features
The Plug Passwords allow you to determine which plugs an individual user
will be permitted to control. When a plug password is entered at the login
prompt, the user will be able to issue On/Off/Reboot commands for the
corresponding plug, and every other plug that shares this same password.
For example, if the password "switch" is defined for plugs 1, 2, and 3, then
a user who logs into command mode using the password "switch" will be
allowed to issue commands to plugs 1, 2, and 3, but not plug 4. Note that
Plug Passwords do not allow access to configuration menus, and users are
only allowed to view the status of plugs permitted by their password.
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