IPS-4 Internet Power Switch; User’s Guide
3.2. Communicating with the IPS
The IPS-4 offers two different user interfaces: a Web Browser Interface and
a Text Interface. The Web Browser interface allows you to contact the IPS
via a TCP/IP network using a standard, JavaScript enabled web browser
(such as Internet Explorer.) The Text Interface consists of a series of ASCII
text menus, which may be accessed via TCP/IP network, Local PC or
external modem.
The IPS-4 features a default IP Address ( and
Subnet Mask ( Providing you are contacting the
IPS from a node on the same subnet, this allows initial network
access to the command mode without first setting up the unit’s
network parameters. When attempting to access the IPS from a
node that is not on the same subnet, please refer to Section 5.3.4
for further instructions.
Modem access is not discussed in this quick start guide. For
instructions on connecting a modem to the IPS, please refer to
Section 4.3.2.
1. Access the Command Mode: This procedure differs slightly,
depending on whether you’re contacting the IPS via the Web Browser
Interface or Text Interface.
a) Web Browser Interface: Start your JavaScript enabled
Web Browser. Enter the IPS’s default IP address
( in your browser’s address bar and then
press [Enter]. A password prompt will be displayed. Since
at this point, the user name and password have not yet been
defined, you can simply click OK without keying in a user name
or password. The IPS Plug Status Screen will be displayed as
shown in Figure 3.1.
b) Text Interface:
i. Via Telnet: Start your Telnet program, then Telnet to the
IPS’s default IP address ( The IPS Plug
Status Screen (Figure 3.2) should then be displayed.
ii. Via Local PC: Start your communications program (e.g.,
Hyperterminal) and then press [Enter]. The IPS Plug Status
Screen will be displayed as shown in Figure 3.2. Note that
the default communications parameters for the Console Port
are 9600 bps, No Parity, 8 data bits, One stop bit.
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