/F Set System Parameters
Displays a menu which is used to define the Site ID message
and Supervisor Password and set the Real Time Clock and
Calendar. When the Supervisor Password is defined, the CMS
will display a password prompt before allowing access to
command mode. For more information, refer to Section 5.4.
Note: Make certain to record your Supervisor
Password for future reference. If the Supervisor
Password is lost or forgotten, you will not be able to
access Supervisor Level commands.
Availability: Supervisor Only
Format: /F [Enter]
Response: Displays System Parameters Menu
/H Help
Displays a Help Screen, which lists all CMS commands along
with a brief description of each command.
Availability: Supervisor / User
Format: /H [Enter]
Response: Displays Help Screen. Note that the User Level Help
Screen does not include Supervisor Level Commands.
/I Default and Test
Tests internal memory and initializes the unit with the default
parameters specified by the Option Switches.
CAUTION: When /I is invoked, the CMS will
revert to the parameters specified by the Option
Switches. Command selected parameters
will be lost.
Availability: Supervisor Only
Format: /I[/Y] [Enter]
Where /Y is a command option used to suppress the
"Sure?" prompt.
Verbose: "Are You Sure (y/n)?", if Y, memory test and
initialization begins.
Terse: 5, if Y, memory test and initialization begins.
Command Reference Guide
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