13.4. Command Set
This Section provides more detailed information on all CMS
commands, sorted alphabetically by command.
[Enter] Enter Command Mode
In order to set parameters or connect ports, you must first access
the Command Mode as described in Section 5.1. When the
Command Mode is inactive (port asleep), the port will only
respond when the [Enter] key is pressed without any characters
preceding it. If the Supervisor Password (command /F) has been
defined, the unit will require a password before allowing access
to Command Mode.
Availability: Supervisor / User
Format: [Enter] (Press [Enter] twice if other characters have
already been typed).
Response: The Port Status Screen will be displayed, followed
by the "CMS>" command prompt.
^X Resident Disconnect Sequence
The Resident Disconnect Sequence is issued to disconnect your
resident port from another port. For example, if you are
communicating via Port 3, and Port 3 is connected to Port 4, the
Resident Disconnect Sequence would be used to disconnect Port
3 from Port 4. Although the default Resident Disconnect
Sequence is ^X ([Ctrl] plus [X]), the command format and
Logoff Character can also be redefined via the Port
Configuration Menus as described in Section 5.5.3. Note that a
three character disconnect command can also be selected.
Note: The Resident Disconnect Sequence cannot be
used to terminate a telnet "Direct Connection". Direct
Connections are terminated using the telnet program's
disconnect command.
Availability: Supervisor / User
Format (Default): ^X
Verbose: The CMS will send the “Disconnected” message,
followed by the Port Status Screen.
Terse: 3
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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