13.2. Command Response
When commands are sent to the CMS-32, the unit can respond
with either verbose (English Text) or terse messages (numeric /
abbreviated). The default message type for all ports can be set to
either terse or verbose using Option Switch Six.
After the unit is installed and configured, the port configuration
commands (/P and /N) can specify an individual response format
for each port. In addition to the Terse and Verbose response
modes, the port configuration commands can also select the
Quiet Mode. When the Quiet Mode is selected, the port will not
send messages in response to commands.
The table below summarizes the various response messages for
both the Terse and Verbose modes.
Terse Verbose
0RAM Test Passed
1Connected *
4Invalid Command
5Are You Sure (Y/N) ?
6Invalid Parameter
7Invalid Syntax
8Invalid Access
9Enter Site ID:
BEnter Password:
CInvalid Password
DRAM Test Failed at *
EInactivity Timeout, Disconnected
FData in Buffer from Previous Connection ...
Re-Enter Logoff Sequence to Purge Buffer.
* These verbose Response Messages include additional
information not provided by terse Response Messages.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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