12. Upgrading CMS-32 Firmware
When new, improved versions of the CMS-32 operating firmware
become available, the “Upgrade Firmware” function can be used
to update the CMS unit. Updates can be uploaded via Setup
Ports One and Two, or via the Network Port.
·All other ports will be disabled during the
firmware upgrade procedure.
·If the upgrade includes new parameters or features
which were not included in the previous firmware
version, these new parameters will be set to their
default values.
1. Obtain the update file. Firmware modifications can either
be mailed to the customer on a 3.5" diskette, or
downloaded from WTI via modem. Place the diskette in
your diskette drive and/or copy the file to your hard drive.
2. Access the CMS command mode. If the password prompt
is displayed, key in the Supervisor Password. The Upgrade
Firmware feature is only available in Supervisor Mode.
3. When the CMS command prompt appears, type /UF and
then press [Enter]. The CMS will display a screen which
offers the following options:
a) Continue Upload and Keep Current Parameters: To
proceed with the upgrade, while retaining current, user-
defined parameters, type 1and press [Enter]. All
parameter settings will be restored when the upgrade is
b) Continue Upload and Default System: To proceed
with the upgrade, and reset parameters to default
settings, type 2and press [Enter]. When the upgrade
is complete, all parameters will be set to default values.
Note: When the upgrade is performed via the
Network Port, the CMS will not default the IP
Address, Subnet Mask, or Gateway Address. This
allows the Telnet connection to be reestablished after
the upgrade procedure is complete.
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