1. Introduction
The CMS-32 Console Port Management Switch provides secure,
in-band and/or out-of-band access to RS232 console ports and
maintenance ports on UNIX servers, routers and other network
equipment. System Administrators can access remote devices in
order to change configuration parameters, connect users to
restricted ports, collect buffered data, and perform a variety of
other administrative functions.
Versatile Connectivity
Up to 32 different devices can be connected to the CMS-32
without the need to select a common baud rate or parity. Each
port can be individually configured for specific baud rates,
parity, handshaking, and various other parameters and options.
Easy Set-Up and Operation
Configuration of the CMS-32 is simple. A menuing system is
used to select parameters, and enable options. The CMS-32 can
easily adapt to the requirements of almost any data
communications application.
Limited Command Access
The CMS-32 is ideal for situations that require limited access to
important commands. Two security levels allow each port to
function as a Supervisor Port or User Port, depending on the
password entered at login. Supervisor Ports are allowed to
change configuration, display status, and connect to any other
port; User ports are only allowed to connect to the ports provided
by their password. Each individual port can be assigned its own
unique, user-defined password, up to sixteen characters long.
Non-Volatile Memory
If AC power to the unit is lost or interrupted, the CMS-32’s
non-volatile memory will retain user-defined parameters and port
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