10.4. Testing the SNMP Trap Function
After you have finished setting up the SNMP Trap function, it is
recommended to test the configuration to ensure that it is
working correctly. To test configuration of the SNMP Trap
function, proceed as follows:
1. Configure the SNMP Trap function as described in
Section 10.1.
2. Invoke the "/TEST" command at the CMS command
prompt. Note that the /TEST Command is only available in
Supervisor Mode.
3. Select Item 1 or 2 to send an SNMP test trap to Manager 1
or 2, respectively. It is possible that the ARP table will not
be properly setup. If this occurs a message to that effect is
displayed and the CMS immediately refreshes the ARP
table. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to try again.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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