10. SNMP Traps
The SNMP Trap function allows Buffer Mode Ports to send a
message which indicates the amount of buffered data to two
different SNMP Managers, which are defined via the Network
Configuration Menu. SNMP is an acronym for "Simple Network
Management Protocol".
The SNMP Trap function is only available to Ports
which are operating in Buffer Mode.
This option is not available to RS232 Ports 1 or 2,
which are designated as "System SetUp Ports".
System SetUp Ports are intended to provide a point
where access to Supervisor Level commands cannot
be intentionally disabled, and therefore, cannot be
configured as Buffer Mode Ports.
10.1. Configuration:
The SNMP Trap function is individually configurable for CMS
RS232 Ports 3 through 32. If you wish to employ this feature it
must be enabled at each desired RS232 Port. To configure the
SNMP Trap function, proceed as follows:
1. Access the CMS Command Mode using the Supervisor
Level Password.
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