2. Maximum Syslog Message Size Reached: Syslog
messages are limited to 1024 bytes (including the header).
Thus, if the data or text from the buffer exceeds this limit,
the message that is queued will be immediately sent and
the rest of the data or text will be accumulated and
forwarded in another, subsequent message, either when a
NULL is detected, or the length of the accumulated data or
text (plus header) again reaches 1024 bytes.
3. Item 16 in the Port Parameters Menu is used to
enable/disable the Syslog feature for each port, and also
determine whether or not messages will be sent when a
user is currently connected to the RS232 port. As
described in Section 5.5.3, the Syslog feature can be set to
either send all information captured by the port, or to stop
sending messages when a user is connected to that port.
9.4. Testing Syslog Configuration
After you have configured the CMS-32 as described in
Section 9.1, the /TEST command can be used to make certain
that the function is properly configured. To test the Syslog
function, type /TEST, press [Enter], then select item 3 in the
Test Menu.
The CMS will attempt to send a test Syslog message, using the
currently selected Syslog configuration. If the test message is
not received by your Syslog Daemon, review the procedure
outlined in Section 9.1 to make certain that the CMS and the
Syslog Daemon have been properly configured.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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