9.2. The Syslog Message
The format of the message sent from the CMS to the Syslog
Daemon is as follows:
mmm dd hh:mm:ss CMS BUFFER_EVENT[1]: DEVICE
NAME-[site ID], PORT-[Name or Number], MESSAGE-
[Text captured in buffer]
mmm Is the Month
dd Is the Day (in digits)
hh Is the Hour
mm Is the Minute
ss Is the Second
CAPITALIZED words are always present in the message.
9.3. Criteria for Generating a Syslog
Once the CMS-32 is properly configured, Syslog messages will
be generated as follows:
1. Data Terminated by NULL Character: Syslog will
generate a message whenever a properly configured Buffer
Mode Port receives data or text that is terminated by the
NULL character (0x00). The message sent to the Syslog
Daemon will contain header information and the event
(buffered data or text) captured by the CMS. Note that the
event written to the buffer port will also be retained.
If the Buffer Mode Port receives data or text that is not
terminated by a NULL character, it will not be sent out as a
Syslog message, but will be retained by the buffer,
providing that the maximum Syslog message size
(described in item 2 below) is not exceeded. This prevents
the CMS from sending spurious characters that do not
represent actual text or data.
The Syslog Feature
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