8.4.2. Command Syntax
When an outbound Telnet session is initiated, the following
command syntax is used:
/TELNET <ip_address> [port] [RAW]
ip_address is the desired IP address (required.)
port is the desired port number
(optional, default = 23.)
RAW initiates the Telnet connection in Raw
Socket Mode (optional, default = standard
Telnet mode.)
·The outbound Telnet command is always available
when you have accessed the CMS-32 command
mode using the Supervisor level password.
·An outbound Telnet connection cannot be initiated
by a user who has accessed the CMS-32 command
mode via an inbound Telnet connection.
·Outbound Telnet connections do not reduce the
number of available inbound network connections.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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