8.2.4. Terminating a Direct Connect Session
To terminate a Direct Connect session, use the client Telnet
program's "disconnect" feature. The following will occur
immediately upon a client initiated disconnect:
1. The Network port is disconnected from the RS232 Port.
2. The Network session is terminated.
3. The RS232 Port is put to sleep.
The Sequence Disconnect command, which is
defined via the Port Configuration menus
(Section 5.5) cannot be used to terminate a direct
Any CMS port that has accessed the Command
Mode using the Supervisor Level Password can
terminate a direct connection by issuing the /D
command as described in Section
Acknowledgment of data received by the CMS
network port does NOT indicate the data has been
completely sent out the serial port. Data may still
be queued in the CMS buffers. Any data queued in
the CMS at the time of a client initiated disconnect
is discarded, and is not passed through to the
attached device.
8.3. Inbound Telnet Connections
The CMS-32 will support up to 33 simultaneous inbound Telnet
connections; one for each RS-232 port, plus an additional
connection for Supervisor functions.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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