Connection Example:
1. Assume that Port 8 has been configured as described in
Section 8.2.2. If the IP address for the CMS unit is
"", and you wish to establish a standard Telnet
protocol connection with CMS Port 8 (TCP Port Number
2108), then on a UNIX system, the connect command
would be invoked as follows:
$ telnet 2108 [Enter]
2. When the Telnet connect command is sent, the CMS-32
will respond as follows:
a) The CMS-32 will send the site ID message, RS232 Port
Number and Name, Telnet Port Number, and the
Password Prompt (if required) as shown below:
CMS: [Site ID]
Port: [RS232 Port Number and Name]
Telnet Port: [21XX or 31XX (Where XX = the
RS232 Port Number)]
Enter Password: (If Required)
b) Once a connection is established, the "Connected"
message is sent, and the cursor returns to the left hand
side of the screen.
Telnet Functions
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