8.2.2. Configuration
The Direct Connect Function is configured on a per port basis,
using the RS232 Port Configuration Menus (/P nn), item 15,
"Direct Connect." The following options are available:
1. OFF: Direct Connect disabled at this port. (Default)
2. ON - No Password: The Direct Connect feature is enabled
at this port, but no password is required in order to connect
to the port.
a) When the Telnet connection is established, the user is
immediately connected directly to the specified port,
and the client is notified at the TCP level.
b) This option is intended for situations where security is
provided by the attached device.
3. ON - Password: The Direct Connect feature is enabled at
this port, but the user must enter a password before a
Direct Connection is established with this port.
a) Upon login, the CMS-32 will send a message which
lists the Site ID Message, the number and name of this
port, and the TCP Port number that was entered to
initiate the connection.
b) The CMS-32 will then prompt the user to enter a
password. If a valid User (Port) password or
Supervisor password is entered, the CMS will then
return a message that confirms the connection and again
lists the name and number of this port.
c) If a valid password is not entered in 30 seconds or three
attempts, the port will then timeout and disconnect.
Telnet Functions
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