8.2. The Direct Connect Feature
The Direct Connect feature allows you to initiate a Telnet session
with the CMS and make an immediate connection to a specific
RS232 Serial Port of your choice, without first being presented
with the command mode interface. This allows you to connect to
a discrete TCP port mapped directly to one of the CMS RS232
Direct Connect employs unique, pre-assigned TCP port numbers
for each RS232 Port. The user connects to the RS232 Port of
choice by including the appropriate TCP port number in the
Telnet connect command line.
The Direct Connect feature can be individually configured at
each CMS RS232 Port. In addition, Direct Connect allows you
to communicate with the CMS using either Standard Telnet
Protocol or Raw Socket Mode. Direct Connect can be used to
connect to any of the available CMS RS232 Port Modes (Any-to-
Any, Buffer, Modem, and Passive.)
8.2.1. Standard Telnet Protocol and Raw
Socket Mode
The Direct Connect feature offers the option to communicate
with the CMS-32 unit using either Standard Telnet Protocol or
Raw Socket Mode. As described in Section 8.2.3, the TCP Port
number that is included in the Telnet connect command line
determines which protocol is used.
When Standard Telnet Protocol is used, the CMS-32 will respond
to all IACs. When Raw Socket Mode is used, data is always sent
"As Is", and command echo is always enabled.
Note: Telnet ports 23, 2001, and 3001 allow normal
access to the CMS-32 Command Mode. However, Port
3001 will transfer data using raw socket mode.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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