8. Telnet Functions
8.1. Network Port Numbers
Whenever an inbound Telnet session connects to a CMS RS232
Port, or an outbound Telnet connection is initiated from a CMS
RS232 Port, the Port Status Screen and Port Diagnostics Screen
will indicate that the RS232 port is presently connected to Port
"Nn" (where "N" indicates a network connection, and "n"isa
number that lists the logical Network Port being used.)
This "Nn" number is referred to as the logical Network Port
Number. The CMS-32 will list Network Port Numbers one
through 35 (33 ports reserved for inbound Telnet connections,
plus two ports reserved for outbound Telnet.)
Note that the CMS-32 includes one inbound logical Network
Port, where Supervisor Level commands cannot be disabled.
This ensures that, providing the correct Supervisor Password is
entered, remote administrators will always be able to access
Supervisor Level commands via Telnet.
Logical Network Port Numbers for the CMS-32 are summarized
in the table below:
Network Port Number Description
N1 to N32 Inbound Telnet Connections
N33 Inbound Telnet Connection; Supervisor Level
Command Access cannot be Disabled.
N34 to N35 Outbound Telnet Connections.
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