To Connect ports, proceed as follows:
1. Access the Command Mode.
2. Invoke the /C command to connect the desired ports.
a) Resident Connect: To connect your resident port to
another port, type /C xx [Enter]. Where xx is the
number or name of the port you want to connect. The
CMS will display the numbers of the connected ports,
along with the command required to disconnect the two
Example: To connect your resident port to Port 8, type
/C 8 [Enter].
b) Third Party Connect: (Supervisor Mode Only) To
connect any two ports (other than your resident port),
type /C xx XX [Enter]. Where xx and XX are two
port names or numbers.
Example: To connect Port 5 to Port 6, access the
Supervisor Mode at a third port, and invoke the
following command: /C56[Enter].
Third Party Connections: RS232 Ports are not
allowed to connect another RS232 Port to the
Network Port. For example, Port 1 is not allowed to
connect Port 3 to the Network Port.
Direct Connect: The Direct Connect function can
also be used to connect a telnet user to a specific
CMS RS232 Port, based on the TCP Port number
entered. For more information on the Direct
Connect function, please refer to Section 8.2.
When the /C command specifies the port name, it is only
necessary to enter enough letters to differentiate the desired port
from other ports. Type an asterisk (*) to represent the remaining
characters in the port name. For example, to connect your
resident port to a port named "SALES", the connect command
can be invoked as /C S*, providing no other port names begin
with the letter "S".
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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