The /W command uses the following format:
/W[P] xx [Enter]
PIs the command option to display port passwords. Note
that when this option is included (e.g. /WP 5), the Port
Parameters Screen will display the Port Password, if
defined. (Supervisor Mode Only).
xx is the desired port number. If the letter ā€œNā€ is entered
in place of a port number, the /W command will display
parameters for the Network Port, as shown in
Figure 6.5.
Note: When the command mode is accessed via the
Network Port using a Port (User) password, the /W
command will only display the Sequence Disconnect,
Logoff Character, and the status of the
Accept Break item.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
1. IP Address: 5. SNMP Manager 1: (undefined)
2. Subnet Mask: 6. SNMP Manager 2: (undefined)
3. Gateway Address: (undefined) 7. SNMP Community: public
4. IP Security Off 8. SYSLOG IP address: (undefined)
9. SYSLOG Date-Time : Off
11. Supervisor Mode (except 2001): Permit
12. Logoff Character: ^X
13. Sequence Disconnect: One Character
14. Timeout Disconnect: 5 Min
15. Response Type: Verbose
16. Command Echo: On
17. Accept Break: On
18. Discard <LF> after <CR>: Off
19. Password: (undefined)
Figure 6.5: Port Parameters Screen (Network Port Shown)
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