6.4. The Port Parameters Screens (/W)
The /W (Who) command displays more detailed information
about an individual CMS-32 port. Rather than listing connection
information for all ports like the Port Status Screens, the Port
Parameters screen lists all defined parameters for a specific port.
The /W command is available in both Supervisor Mode and Port
(User) Mode. Note however, that when you log in with a Port
password, the CMS will only display information for ports that
are "owned" by the password entered at login.
The /W command can be applied to either an RS232 Port or the
CMS Network Port. Figure 6.4 shows the screen that is
displayed when the /W command is applied to an RS232 Port,
and Figure 6.5 shows the screen displayed when the command is
applied to the Network Port.
If Supervisor Mode is active, the /W command offers the option
to display the Port Password for each RS232 port. Normally, the
Password field will read either “defined” or “undefined”,
depending upon whether or not the password for that port has
been specified. To display the Port Parameters Screen with the
Port Password, type /WP, followed by the desired RS232 port
number, and then press [Enter]. Note that the /WP command
option is not available in User Mode, and will not display the
Supervisor Password.
The Status Screens
1. Port Name: (undefined) 15. Direct Connect: Off
2. Password: (undefined) Telnet Port: 2108
3. Baud Rate: 9600 Raw Port: 3108
4. Bits/Parity: 8-None 16. Syslog: Off
5. Stop Bits: 1 161. Facility: Local_0
6. Handshake Mode: RTS/CTS 162. Level: Emergency
7. Port Mode: Any-to-Any 17. SNMP Trap Level: Off
74. DTR Output: Pulse
8. Supervisor Mode: Permit
9. Logoff Character: ^X
10. Sequence Disconnect: One Character
11. Timeout Disconnect: Off
12. Response Type: Verbose
13. Command Echo: On
14. Accept Break: On
Figure 6.4: Port Parameters Screen (RS232 Port Shown)
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