6. The Status Screens
The Status Screens display the connection status and
communication parameters for the CMS-32 RS-232 ports and the
Network Port. There are four different types of status screens;
The Port Status Screen (/S), the Port Diagnostics Screen (/SD),
the Network Status Screen (/SN), and the Port Parameters
Screens (/W).
6.1. The Port Status Screen (/S)
The Port Status Screen lists the general status of the CMS’s
RS-232 ports. To display the Port Status Screen, access the
command mode and type /S [Enter], the screen will appear as
shown in Figure 6.1.
Although both Supervisors and Users can display the Port Status
Screen, the screen will appear slightly different, depending upon
whether the command mode was accessed with the Supervisor
Password or a Port (User) Password. When a Port Password
(User Mode) is entered at login, the Port Status Screen will only
display the status of those ports that share the same Port
Password that was entered at login.
When the Supervisor Mode is active, the Port Status Screen
offers the option to either display or suppress Port Passwords.
Normally, when the /S command is invoked, the Password
column will read either “defined” or “undefined”, depending
upon whether or not the password for each port has been
specified. To display the Port Status Screen with Port Passwords
included, type /SP and then press [Enter].
When the /SP command is invoked, passwords will
be displayed in place of port names.
The /SP command option is not available in
User Mode.
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