4. Clear Menu: After defining several parameters, if you
wish to clear the /CP menu and start again, type -(dash)
and press [Enter], the menu will be reset.
5. Exit Without Copy: To exit from the Copy Parameters
menu without copying selected parameters to all RS232
ports, type Xand then press [Enter]. The CMS will exit
from the Copy Parameters menu and return to the command
6. Copy Parameters: When you have finished selecting
parameters, press [Esc] to copy the selected parameters to
all CMS RS-232 Ports and exit from the Copy Port
Parameters menu.
5.7. Save User Selected Parameters
Although this step is optional, it is strongly recommended to
save all user-defined parameters to an ASCII file. This will
allow quick recovery in the event of accidental deletion or
reconfiguration of port parameters. Section 11 describes the
procedure for saving configuration parameters to an ASCII file.
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