To select common parameters for all or several CMS RS-232
ports, proceed as follows:
1. Access the CMS command mode. If the password prompt
is displayed, key in your Supervisor Level Password.
2. At the command prompt, invoke the /CP command. The
Menu shown in Figure 5.6 will be displayed. Note the
following command options:
a) All Ports: To copy parameters to all CMS ports, type
/CP and press [Enter].
b) Range of Ports: To copy parameters to a range of
CMS ports, type /CP m-n [Enter]. Where mand n
are CMS port numbers that specify the desired range.
For example, to copy parameters to ports 3 through 7,
type /CP 3-7 and press [Enter].
c) Several Ports: To copy parameters to several CMS
ports, type /CP m,n,x [Enter]. Where m,n, and x
are the numbers of the desired ports. For example, to
copy parameters to ports 3, 5, and 7, type /CP 3,5,7
and press [Enter].
d) Combination: To invoke the /CP command in a
manner where a range of CMS ports is specified, along
with several other ports outside the range, type /CP
m,n,x-z [Enter]. Where m,n,x, and zare CMS
port numbers. For example to copy parameters to CMS
ports 3 and 5 plus ports 7 through 9, type /CP
3,5,7-9 and press [Enter].
3. Selecting Parameters: To select parameters to be copied,
key in the number for the desired parameter, press [Enter],
and then follow the instructions in the submenu. Note that
it is not necessary to define all port parameters, for
example, the /CP command could be used to select only the
Baud Rate for all specified ports.
Note: The /CP command will only copy the
parameters that are currently displayed by the Copy
Port Parameters menu. Note that although the Port
Password is not displayed, the selected password will
be copied if the field for this item reads “defined”.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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