5.6. Copying Parameters to Several
RS-232 Ports
The /CP command (Copy Port Parameters) provides a convenient
means for selecting similar parameters for all or several CMS
RS-232 ports. When the /CP command is invoked, the unit will
display a menu which allows you to select port communication
parameters, and then copy them to specific CMS RS-232 ports.
·The /CP command will not copy parameters to the
Network Port.
·The /CP command is only available in Supervisor
·The Copy Port Parameters Menu will not display
the Port Password. This field will read either
“undefined” or “defined”, depending upon whether
or not the Port Password has been specified.
·The /CP command cannot be used to set Ports 1
and 2 to Passive Mode or Buffer Mode (Item 7).
·The /CP command cannot be used to disable the
Supervisor Mode at Ports 1 and 2 (Item 8).
·The /CP command will not copy items 16 (Syslog)
and 17 (SNMP Trap Level) to CMS RS232
Ports 1 and 2.
1. Port Name: 15. Direct Connect:
2. Password:
3. Baud Rate:
4. Bits/Parity: 16. Syslog:
5. Stop Bits: 161. Facility:
6. Handshake Mode: 162. Level:
7. Port Mode: 17. SNMP Trap Level:
71. Reset String:
72. Init String:
73. Hang-Up String:
74. DTR Output:
8. Supervisor Mode:
9. Logoff Character:
10. Sequence Disconnect:
11. Timeout Disconnect:
12. Response Type:
13. Command Echo:
14. Accept Break:
(note: ports1&2will NOT have restricted values changed.)
Enter: parameter # <CR> to define parameter value to copy to ports,
-<CR> to remove all values set, X<CR> to exit WITHOUT copy,
<ESC> to copy to ports and exit ...
Figure 5.6: The Copy Port Parameters Menu
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