16. Syslog: The Syslog feature can be used to create records
of each buffer event. As event records are created, they are
sent to a Syslog Daemon, located at an IP address defined
via the Network Parameters menu. For more detailed
instructions regarding Syslog configuration, please refer to
Section 9.
Item 16 offers three possible settings. (Default = Off)
Off: Syslog feature disabled. (Default)
On - Not Connected: Messages will only be generated
when a user is not connected to a buffer port (either by
/C or direct connect.) Prevents the information captured
from the attached device from being put into Syslog
messages while a user is connected to a buffer port.
On - Always: All captured information will be sent out
via Syslog message; whether a user is connected or not.
The Syslog feature is only available at RS232 Ports
which are configured as Buffer Mode Ports.
This option is not available to RS232 Ports 1 or 2.
This is because Ports 1 and 2 are SetUp Ports, and
therefore, cannot configured as Buffer Mode Ports.
The Port Parameters menu also offers two additional items
that can be used to set the priority of Syslog messages
generated by this port:
161. Facility: The facility under which this port will log
messages. (Default = Local_0)
162. Level: The severity (or priority) of messages
generated by this port. (Default = Emergency.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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