Rack Mount Installation (Continued)
1. Enclosed Racks (Continued):
The ambient within the rack may be greater than room
ambient. Installation should be such that the amount of air
flow required for safe operation is not compromised. The
maximum temperature for the equipment in this
environment is 45°C. Consideration should be given to the
maximum rated ambient.
Installation should be such that a hazardous stability
condition is not achieved due to uneven loading.
2. Open Racks: Make certain that the rack frame does not
block the ventilation slots on the instrument cover. If the
device is installed on sliders, check the unit when seated
all the way into the rack to make certain that ventilation
slots are not blocked.
Slots in the instrument cover are provided to allow ventilation
for heat dissipation. To ensure safe, reliable operation, these
openings must not be covered or blocked.
Disconnect Power
If any of the following events are noted, immediately disconnect
the unit from the outlet and contact qualified service personnel:
1. If the power cord becomes frayed or damaged.
2. If liquid has been spilled into the device or if the device
has been exposed to rain or water.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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