5.5. Port Configuration
5.5.1. Configuration Conventions
When responding to prompts, invoking commands, and selecting
items from the port configuration menus, note the following:
·To select an item from a Port Configuration menu, key in the
number for the item and press [Enter].
·To clear an item in a Port Configuration menu, enter the
number for the desired item and press [Enter]. When the
prompt appears, press [Space] and then press [Enter].
·The Port Name cannot include a forward slash (/), double
quotes ("), the asterisk character (*), or blank spaces.
·Port Names must begin with an alphabetic character; Port
Names cannot begin with a number, punctuation character,
or symbol.
·A Port cannot be named “N1” through "N35", these names
are reserved for the logical Network Ports.
·Refer to the instructions in each screen for additional
functions available under that screen.
·To exit a menu or prompt without changing its current value,
press [Esc].
·Passwords and port names are case sensitive. When defining
passwords and port names, note the exact text, including the
case of each character.
·The “Who” command (/W) can be used to display currently
selected parameters for your resident port. Note that when
the Network port has been accessed using a Port Password
(User Mode), the /W command will only display the settings
for the Sequence Disconnect, the selected Logoff Character
and the current status of the Accept Break feature and the
Discard <LF> after <CR> option.
·If you are configuring the CMS via modem, communication
parameters will not be changed until after you exit from
command mode and disconnect from the CMS unit.
·If you are configuring the CMS via network, network
parameters will not be changed until all Telnet connections
to the CMS have been terminated (including the connection
that was used to enter the new parameters.)
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