3. Supervisor Password: (Up to 32 characters; Default =
undefined) Type 2and press [Enter], a prompt will
appear. Key in the desired password then press [Enter].
The CMS will prompt you to confirm spelling and
capitalization. Key in the password a second time, and
then press [Enter].
Note: For security reasons, it is recommended that you
define the Supervisor Password. If the Supervisor
Password is not defined, then all users will be able to
access CMS-32 configuration commands, and connect to
any free RS232 port.
4. Set Real Time Clock and Calendar: Items 3 through 5 in
the System Status menu are used to set the CMS-32's real
time clock and calendar. When the Syslog feature is
enabled, the CMS-32 can use the real time clock and
calendar to time-stamp logged events.
a) Day: To set the day of the week, type 3, press [Enter],
and then follow the instructions in the resulting
b) Date: To set the date, type 4, press [Enter], and then
follow the instructions in the resulting submenu.
c) Time: To set hours, minutes, and seconds, type 5,
press [Enter], and then follow the instruction in the
resulting submenu. Note that time values are entered
using 24 hour (military) format.
When you have finished defining System Parameters, press [Esc]
to return to the CMS command prompt.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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