5.4. Defining System Parameters
Before configuring individual ports, the Site ID and Supervisor
Password should be defined and the Real Time Clock and
Calendar should be set.
·The Site ID cannot include double quotes.
·The Supervisor Password cannot include an
asterisk, forward slash, spaces, or double quotes.
·Both the Site ID and Supervisor Password will be
cleared if the CMS is initialized to default settings.
·The Supervisor Password cannot be the same as an
existing Port Password.
·The System Parameters Menu is only available in
Supervisor Mode.
·The Supervisor Password is case sensitive. Make
certain to note the exact password entered,
including the case of each letter. It is also strongly
recommended to write down your Supervisor
Password. If the password is lost or forgotten, you
will not be able to access Supervisor Level
commands unless you initialize the unit and clear
all parameters as described in Section 4.3.
1. Access the command mode. When the “CMS>” prompt
appears, type /F [Enter] to display the System
Parameters Menu.
2. Site ID Message: (Up to 32 characters; Default =
undefined) Type 1and press [Enter], the Site I.D. Prompt
will appear. Key in the desired text and press [Enter] .
1. Site-ID: (undefined)
2. Supervisor Password: (undefined)
3. Real Time Clock Day: Fri
4. Real Time Clock Date: 06/28/2002
5. Real Time Clock Time: 11:54:37
Enter: #<CR> to change,
<ESC> exit ...
Figure 5.1: The System Parameters Menu
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