After the Supervisor Password has been defined, the CMS will
display a password prompt whenever you attempt to access the
command mode. If the correct Supervisor Password is entered,
the CMS then starts up in Supervisor Mode. Supervisor Level
commands are summarized in Section 13.3 of this User’s Guide.
Normally, the Supervisor Password can be entered at any port in
order to gain access to Supervisor Level commands. If you wish
to completely deny a port’s access to Supervisor Mode (even
with the Supervisor Password), the Port Parameters menus (/P
and /N) can be used to disable the Supervisor Mode at ports 3
and above, and the Network Port. The Supervisor Mode cannot
be disabled at System SetUp Ports 1 and 2, or at the one inbound
Network Port, which always allows remote access to Supervisor
Level commands as described in Section 8.1.
5.3.2. The Port Passwords
The Port Passwords (or User Passwords) allow administrators to
restrict access to a specific group of ports. When the command
mode is accessed with a Port Password, users may only connect
to the RS232 Ports to which they have been granted access, and
review configuration parameters for those ports. Port Passwords
do not grant access to CMS configuration commands.
The port configuration menus are used to assign a Port Password
to each individual port. In order to allow a Port Password to
grant access to several CMS ports, the same password is
assigned to each port to which the user will be allowed access.
For example, if the Port Password “test” is assigned to ports 3, 4,
and 6, then when “test” is entered at the Password Prompt, the
user will only be able to connect to ports 3, 4, and 6, and will
only be able to view parameters for ports 3, 4, and 6.
If desired, all CMS ports can function as either a Supervisor Port
or a User Port, depending on which password is entered at login.
However, if you wish to prevent a port from being able to access
the Supervisor Mode at all (even with the Supervisor Password),
the Supervisor Mode can be disabled at RS232 Ports 3 through
32 and the Network Port using the Port Configuration menus as
described in Section 5.5. Note however, that the Supervisor
Mode cannot be disabled at Ports 1 and 2; or at the one network
port that always allows access to Supervisor Level commands
(See Section 8.1.)
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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