4.6. Application Example
The example in Figure 4.2 shows one of many possible
installation configurations for the CMS-32. In this example,
CMS ports have been configured as follows:
·Network Port: The Network Port allows telnet access by
remote Supervisors and/or Users. When a telnet connection
is established, the CMS will prompt the caller to enter a
password. If the Supervisor Password is entered, the CMS
will recognize Supervisor Level Commands; if a Port
password is entered, the CMS will only recognize User
Level Commands. Supervisors are allowed to change port
configuration, connect to any port, or review unit status.
Users are only permitted to review status and connect to
ports that are allowed by their Port password.
·Port 1 (System SetUp Port): This port has been left open
in order to permit on-site service personnel to access the
Command Mode without disrupting other ports. Since Port 1
is a System SetUp Port, the service tech is allowed password
protected access to Supervisor Level commands, and is able
to connect to any port, change configuration, or display unit
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
Figure 4.2: CMS Application Example (Ports1-16Shown)
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