3. Access the Command Mode: In order to invoke
commands and display status screens, you must first access
the CMS command mode via Network, via modem, or via
the Console Port (local PC.) For more information, on
command mode access, please refer to Section 5.1.
Network Access: The CMS-32 includes a default IP
Address and Subnet Mask. This allows initial
contact with the unit via network without first
defining an IP address (providing you are contacting
the CMS from another node on the same subnet.)
When installing the CMS in a working network
environment, it is recommended to define network
parameters as described in Section 5.5.4.
Modem & Console Port Access: Factory set
communication parameters are as follows: 9600 bps,
RTS/CTS Handshaking, 8 Data Bits, One Stop Bit,
No Parity. Although the CMS allows parameters to
be easily redefined, for this Quick Start procedure, it
is recommended that you configure your
communications program to accept the default
a) Network Access: Start your Telnet program, then
Telnet to the default CMS-32 IP Address
( For example, on a UNIX system,
the telnet command would be invoked as shown below.
$ telnet [Enter]
After the telnet command is invoked, the CMS>
command prompt should be displayed.
b) Modem Access: Start your communications program,
and dial the number for the external modem. The
CMS> command prompt should be displayed.
c) Console Port Access (Local PC): Start your
communication program, make certain the
communications program is set for the PC COM port
that is attached to the CMS-32, and then press [Enter].
The CMS> command prompt should be displayed.
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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