3. Getting Started
This section provides a brief overview of basic CMS-32
capabilities, and describes a simple test that can be performed to
verify that you are able to communicate with the unit.
The Quick Start procedure is included primarily to provide a
quick demonstration of CMS-32 capabilities. In order to take
full advantage of the complete range of features provided by this
unit, it is strongly recommended that you should complete the
entire Installation and Configuration sections after completing
the Quick Start procedure.
1. Apply Power: Connect the CMS-32 to an appropriate
power source. Prior to connecting the unit to your power
supply, make certain to review the safety precautions listed
at the beginning of this User's Guide, and in Section 4.1.
2. Connect Network Cable, External Modem or PC: In
order to configure and control the CMS-32, you must first
decide how you will communicate with the unit; via
network, modem, or local PC.
a) Network: Connect your 10BaseT or 100BaseT network
interface to the CMS-32 Network Port. For more
information, please refer to Section 4.4.
b) Modem: Use a standard serial modem cable to connect
your external modem to RS232 Port 1 or 2. For more
information, please refer to Section 4.5.
c) Local PC: Attach a standard null modem cable from
your PC COM port to the Port 1 connector on the CMS
back panel. For a description of the port interface,
please refer to Appendix A.
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