/W Display Port Parameters (Who)
Displays configuration of an individual port, but does not allow
parameters to be changed. Ports with User Level command
capability cannot display parameters for other ports. Normally,
the Port Parameters screen will not include the Port Password.
However, when the Supervisor Mode is active, the /WP option
can be used to display the password for the target port. For more
information, please refer to Section 6.4.
Availability: Supervisor / User
Format: /W[P] [x] [Enter]
PWhen the “P” option is included (e.g. /WP 5), the Port
Parameters screen will list the password for each port, if
defined. Note that the Supervisor Password will not be
displayed. (Supervisor Mode Only).
xThe port number or name. To display parameters for
the Network Port, enter an “N”. If the "x" argument is
omitted, parameters for your resident port will
be shown.
Note: In Port (User) Mode only, if the /W command
is applied to the Network Port, the Screen will only
list the Sequence Disconnect, the selected Logoff
Character, and the status of the Accept Break option.
Response: Displays port parameters.
Example: To display parameters for a port named "SERVER",
access the Command Mode from a port with Supervisor Level
command capability, and type /W SERVER [Enter].
/X Exit Command Mode
Exits Command Mode, When issued at the Net Port, also ends
the Telnet session. Note that exiting from Command Mode will
not terminate port connections.
·Any-to-Any Mode: Exits Command Mode.
·Modem Mode: Disconnects and resets modem, hang-up
message is sent, hardware line to modem drops for 500 ms,
and reset message is sent.
Availability: Supervisor / User
Format: /X [Enter]
Response: Disconnected
CMS-32 Console Management Switch; User's Guide
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