Using the Menu
The Camera Settings Menu
Date and Time
Set the camera clock.
CWhen Date and Time Are Not Set
If the camera clock has not been set, the O (date not set) indicator is displayed on the
screen. This disappears when the date and time are set.
The Camera Settings Menu
Enter shooting mode M k button M c (setup) icon M k button M Camera
settings M k button M Date and time M k button
Option Description
Sync with smart
Set whether or not to synchronize the date and time setting with a
smart device.
Date and time
Set the date and time if Sync with
smart device is set to Off.
Highlight the next item: Press the
k button.
Edit the date and time: Press
Apply the setting: Highlight the
item on the far right and press the
k button.
Date format Select Y/M/D, M/D/Y, or D/M/Y.
20160101 00 00
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