Using the Menu
Menu Operations
You can configure settings in the menus listed below.
1These menus appear on the c (setup) menu screen.
2Menu icons and available setting options vary depending on the shooting mode.
3This menu appears when the k button is pressed while the playback screen is displayed.
Follow the procedure below to configure settings in the c (setup) menu.
1Press the k button while the
shooting screen is displayed.
The W (HOME) screen is displayed.
To return to the shooting screen while
configuring settings in the menus, press the
movie button or photo button.
2Use HI to select c (setup), and press
the k button.
The c (setup) menu screen is displayed.
3Use HI to select the menu item that
you want to configure, and press the k
Use the same procedure in lower-level menus to
select and configure items.
To return to the previous screen, select < Back and
press the k button.
Menu Operations
Movie menu1, 2 Camera settings menu1
Still images menu1Playback menu3
Shooting options menu1
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Still images
Shooting options
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